About Us

Ultimate Telecom Engineering Solution Private Limited is engaged in providing telecom solutions. The company is established to carryout turnkey projects and support services to telecom services providers both in private and government sector. The company provides support services to telecommunication companies in WLL, CELLULER and Basic telephony for installation, testing, integration and commissioning of base transmitting stations, both indoor and outdoor installation. Company provides solutions in setting up of communication links and undertakes OFC route surveys, RF surveys, in - building house coverage on contract/man day’s basis. Company is providing consultancy services for obtaining permission e.g. permission for OFC laying, frequency allotment/clearance etc. From Government agencies to clients.

ULTIMATE TELECOM undertakes the following operations for completion of telecom turnkey contracts:-

Study of background literature
Assessment of communication requirements
Technical presentations and discussions
Preliminary site surveys
Network study and designs
Define requirements and assignment of responsibilities
Preparation of technical and commercial proposals
Assistance in procuring telecom equipments and materials
Site selection and preparation and commissioning of equipments
Obtain approvals and certificates for systems
Project management
Hardware and software support during warranty period
Annual maintenance contract
Offer field services
Equipment repair and replacement At site or local repair center At centralized repair and support center
System expansion and up gradation
Spare parts management
Class-room training
On site training
Advanced training
Site/route survey
Site preparation
Erection, installation and commissioning of equipments
Assess customer needs
Conduct market surveys to assess sector wise demand
Contract review
Co-ordinate after sales service
Design marketing strategies for new product development and pricing
Post tender follow up
Prepare and submit proposals against REP’S,RFQ’S and tenders
Review of technical specifications with business unit heads
Technical and commercial presentations to prospective customers

The business unites are responsible for specification review, product approvals, demo, training, Engineering, interaction with principals, implementation etc.

The commercial, accounts and administration departments provides necessary backup support system for planning and monitoring.

The offices have been equipped with all modern aids of communication. Computers with the latest software are being extensively used for design and preparation for proposals.

UTES has the following equipment used for Radio survey and commissioning of Radio equipment/Radio networks/OFC networks. Some equipment is hired as and when required.


  1. Site Analyzer Make Bird SA-2500 (THREE)
  2. RF Power Meter Make Bird Freq Range 2 MHZ to 3.6 GHZ, 1W to 1KW ( Qty-TWO)
  3. RF Power Meter Model_2700 ( ONE )
  4. Lap Top Pentium-IV ( SIX )
  5. Network Cable Tester (FIVE) , for Switch Installation


  1. Binoculars with Internal Compass
  2. Optical Theodolite
  3. Electronic Altimeter
  4. Magnetic Compass
  5. Global Positioning System

Engineering Services

Earlier Experiences gained by Directors, staff members, Engineers and Technicians have been mentioned below:-

Lucent Technologies (CDMA BTS)

Installation, Testing & Commissioning of Qty 68 BTS Modcell3.0)for Reliance Project In Delhi & NCR, UP East and UP West.

Lucent Technologies :

Installation, Testing, Commissioning & (CDMA BTS)Integration of Qty 15 BTS ( Modcell 4.0 ) In Delhi & NCR

Lucent Technologies :

Installation, Testing & Commissioning of 25 BTS for TTL Project (mod cell 2.0 type)

Motorola (Delhi & NCR):

Installation, Testing & Commissioning of 55 new BTS sites for TTL Project.

Motorola Delhi Swap sites:

Cable Swapping (Cutover activity) for 425 Tata


Installation testing and commissioning of 317 New BTS sites in Punjab, Haryana, Rajasthan and Himanchal Pradesh for TTL Project.

Motorola (CBSE):

Installation of CBSE at Ambala, Shimla, Delhi Jullandhar, Chandigarh and Jaipur.


Maintenance of backbone MW Network for 89 stations in seven Northern states

Ericsson BTS sites in U.P. East:

Installation, Testing & Commissioning of 35 new

Ericsson :

Installation ,Testing and commissioning of 92 BTS sites in UP(West)

Ericsson :

Installation , Testing and commissioning of 55 New BTS sites and 48 mw link (High Cap) in North East (Assam and Shillong).

Ericsson :

Installation , testing and commissioning of 60 BTS sites in Rajasthan.

Ericsson :

Preventive Maintenance of Airtel sites in Delhi.

Ericsson :

Installation testing and commissioning of 58 Sites in West Bengal and Gangtok

Ericsson :

Installation testing and commissioning of 12 Sites in Jammu

Air Tel :

Installation of 15 Electrical & Earthing sites In UP East.

ORG Informatics

Broad Band Network Installation for VSNL In Chennai, coimbtor, Bhuwaneshwar, Kolkata and Guwahati, Patna and Ranchi.



Installation ,Testing, Commissioning of CDMA BTS Sites for TTL Project in Delhi & NCR, Rajasthan, UP West, Haryana, Punjab and Himanchal Pradesh


Installation and Commissioning of Motorola CBSE (Switch) for TTL Project at Bangala Sahib & Concode (New Delhi), Jaipur, Jodhpur Meerut, Lucknow, Ambala, Chandigarh, Jullandhar And Shimla.


Installation, Integration and Power Calibration of RTL GSM BTS Sites in Himanchal Pradesh.


Installation of Swap sites, Integration and Power Calibration of RTL GSM BTS Sites in H.P


Installation of CBSE ( Switch ) for RTL GSM Project at Shimla.

UTES Employs a total of 46 professional, technical and Non- technical staff. The breakup of the employees of UTES is given below:-


Bachelor Degree in Engineering/Professional Qualification


Diploma in Engineering / ITI



The company has a well – Documented Human Resource Management Policy. The objectives of this policy are:-

  1. To Plan and Induct Appropriate man power in terms of knowledge, Skill and Attitude
  2. To provide opportunities for growth
  3. To practice equity and fairness in all its dealings
  4. To continuously enhance knowledge through education and training
  5. To create a healthy climate to have motivated work force
  6. To adapt for change

The company also has the selection and recruitment policy .The objective is to select right person for right job at the right time .And annual man power plan is drawn up which is approved by the management and implemented accordingly .All employees are covered for PF, ESI and Risk Insurance.

Employees with wide experience in designing and implementation of telecom network solutions have been drawn from Indian Air force, Govt. sector, Public / private sector etc. Man power is recruited continuously based on Project needs training is provided on various systems and sub-systems Ultimate Telecom has the capacity to mobilize any required expertise for project implementation.

The general profile of the Senior and Middle Level Executives associated in Ultimate Telecom Engineering Solution Pvt Ltd is presented herein:

Senior Level Executives

Between 20 to 44 years’ experience in planning, Production, Implementation, Training and Execution of Telecom Projects in Private/ Indian Air Force

Middle Level Executives

Between 10 to 20 years’ experience in planning,Production, Implementation,Training, Marketing and Execution of Telecom Projects in IAF/Telecom companies.

Following is the present strength of man power

Sr. Executives 04
Jr. Executive 10
Staff 45